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Ours Online Payday Loan Process... and How it Works

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Lending Leaves offer a straightforward online application, which is not only convenient and confidential, but highly secure as well. Access our form via your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone utilizing our “No-Fax-Application” technology. We offer no-credit-check online payday loans, essential to solving your personal money emergencies.

Enter your personal data and confidently submit the state-of-the-art secure form to complete the payday loan application process. Our professional loan processors will discreetly verify the information and privately run your application through our instant approval process. We understand that your money emergency requires a fast solution. In most cases, Lending Leaves will provide an answer by phone or email in less than an hour after receiving an application.

Accept the Direct Payday Loan Lender’s Terms & Conditions.

Once you hear from Lending Leaves that your application has been approved, you will be directed to read the online payday loan Terms & Conditions. This is where the “nuts and bolts” of the loan come together to solidify the loan contract. Direct lenders and borrowers work together to make successful loans and our documents clarify the responsibilities of both parties.

Our friendly customer service representatives will answer any questions you may have about the loan process. We encourage our customers to understand the entire process before signing any contract. Lending Leaves is ready to help!

Fast Cash Is Deposited Directly Into Your Account.

You needed money fast? You came to the right place! Once your loan is approved, Lending Leaves will deposit money directly into your bank account. No hassling through town to cash a check, just a sense of relief to know that the money you need will soon be in the bank. For approved loans, as long as your application is timely submitted, your money will be deposited and available the following business morning.

Let Lending Leaves be your access to quick cash. An online payday loan is quick, easy and convenient from start to finish.

Only Borrow What You Need.

Lending Leaves are responsible direct lenders who want customers to experience a successful solution to cash emergencies. We understand that payday loans offer quick money to solve financial troubles, but we also understand the importance of borrowing only what is needed.

Your Lending Leaves loan is designed to provide emergency cash relief. We urge our customers to carefully consider a loan from us that is needed to solve an immediate problem. Taking out extra cash may put your finances at risk. Lending Leaves loans are a great financial solution when used responsibly.