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How Our Loans Work
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Lending Leaves is an online payday loan direct lender. Everyday we help people who are in a financial bind and need access to quick cash. We work hard to offer fast and convenient payday loans with low-interest rates and a “no credit required” policy. We understand there are times when fast cash is needed. Our simple online application makes applying quick and stress-free. Within minutes you can submit an application and be on your way to getting approved for a direct payday loan with overnight funding.

Here’s how it works! Submit your information for a payday loan online. Once we receive your information, we will process your application and have a loan representative contact you by phone, email or text message to confirm the application information in order to finalize your loan. The sooner you respond, the faster your money will be deposited directly into your checking account. If you apply on a weekend or non-banking day, your funds will be deposited into your account the following business day. We do the footwork - you get the cash!

Your Online Payday Loans Connection

Payday loans online are one of the leading short-term money solutions for people who find themselves in a financial crunch. Lending Leaves provides fast access to online payday loan lending. While other lenders may "match" you to a lender that will fund your loan, Lending Leaves is a direct lender. This means you will work with us directly without a "middle man". We will process, service, and fund your loan. All with the best and most friendly customer service around! At Lending Leaves we believe in building long lasting relationships with our customers!

Fill out the short form above and let Lending Leaves take care of the rest. In minutes of receiving and verifying your information, we can have you on your way to getting quick cash. There is no need to stress any further, your loan is processed quickly and your financial emergency will soon be resolved.

Whether you are looking for money to pay the rent, make a monthly credit card payment or pay the mechanic, online payday loans are increasingly becoming a major avenue to fast cash opportunities. Lending Leaves will speed up that process through the online lending process. We keep it simple so you don't have to stress any longer. Simply get started by taking a few minutes to fill out our easy application form and we will contact you to get started on the process. As long as you have a job, can show proof of income, and get your paycheck deposited directly into your checking account, you can be on your way to getting fast cash overnight. We don't run credit checks or ask a lot of questions. We just want to help you when you are in a cash crunch!