Make Prom A Night To Remember Even Without A Payday Advance

Prom night is a rite of passage for teenagers. However, making it memorable doesn’t require taking out a payday advance as long as you use common sense.

The key is to plan ahead. Way ahead. If your teen wants to go all out on expenses, have her start saving up months ahead and looking for deals on dresses before prom season hits. A prom dress could even be a perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

Much of the expense is in the clothes. Instead of purchasing a new formal outfit, see if your teen can borrow or buy used. Many formal clothes shops also rent formal wear. After all, many prom outfits get worn only the one time.

A simpler dress can be made more formal when fancy jewelry is worn with it. See if you can borrow jewelry. Formal shops may also rent jewelry as well.

After the dress is acquired, simple shoes can be made formal by a creative teen or parent. Just add sequins or other decorations to the shoes to make a big impression at the prom.

Many teens spend a lot of money on getting their hair, makeup and nails done. Instead of going to the beauty salon, see if a friend specializes in one of these areas and is willing to do it for the other girls. Another option is to go to a makeup counter at a department store for a free makeover or to go to a beauty school for discounted services.

Stay away from payday advance by borrowing a car for prom

Another common big expense for the prom is the transportation to it. Teens don’t want to be seen arriving with Mom and Dad, so they often rent a limousine. Several couples can cut back on this cost by sharing a limousine.

Make an even bigger impression by borrowing a unique car from a friend or family member. Look for a classic, antique or muscle car. If an adult doesn’t want to loan out the car but is willing to drive, he can dress up in a uniform of a driver from the era the car is from.

The couple could make an even bigger impression on their friends by dressing up to match the era of the car as well. They may even be able to find clothes to wear by searching the closets and attics of their parents or grandparents.

Many prom couples go out for a fancy dinner before the prom as well. Parents of friends can save on this cost by hosting a barbecue or potluck meal beforehand so the friends can all eat together and even take photos together. Another possibility is the parents of a couple put together a fancy meal at one of their houses and provide an atmosphere similar to the fancy restaurant, complete with candles.

The key to a successful prom night is communication. If you explain to your teen well ahead of time that you are working with a tight budget, you may be surprised with the creative ideas they will come up with that will help you avoid another payday advance. After all, the whole point is to just have fun with their friends one last time before graduation.