Don't Let A Wedding Force Your Marriage To Start With Payday Loan

With the average cost of weddings approaching $27,000, it is easy to see how paying for the nuptials could exhaust savings and lead to a payday loan. However, you can avoid big bills and still have the wedding of your dreams.

First of all, write down your priorities. Make sure you know what is important to both of you. Do you have to have a fancy dress? Do you want to invite a lot of guests? Do you have your heart set on an exotic location?

Determine what is the most important things to you and then be willing to make compromises on less important things. Then, start a budget and determine how much you will be able to spend on the wedding before you start.

One way to save quite a bit of money right away is to limit the guest list. The more guests you have, the more cake and other food you will need and the larger the venues you will need for the ceremony and the reception.

Most caterers charge per guest, so a smaller list will save on the catering bill. Also, more guests will increase the amount of alcohol needed and the time needed for everyone to be served or to serve themselves at a buffet.

One thing to consider is how much time it would take to meet with each guest. If you figure on spending one minute with each guest at the reception, then if you have 200 guests, it would take over three hours to meet with each one. And that doesn’t include the time for the ceremony.

Find a free place to hold your wedding and avoid a payday loan

Instead of renting a large hall or church for the wedding, have it take place in a friend’s or relative’s back yard or even at a beach or park. If you do insist on renting a venue, have the wedding on any day but Saturday, which is the most popular and therefore most expensive day.

You can save on the dress by renting or even borrowing a dress. Also, you can go away from the traditional wedding dress and doing a less-formal wedding.

Avoid big bills for floral arrangements by ordering the flowers and having your friends and family help you do the arrangements. Also, you’ll probably get a better deal by sticking with one type of flower so the florist only needs to make one bulk order.

You can save on musicians, photographers and videographers by having friends or relatives do  these tasks, although you may want to make sure to get samples before hand. A cheaper alternative to musicians is to use a disc jockey instead of live music or even just make a playlist and hook up your mp3 player to a quality sound system.

You can save on food by having a buffet instead of a sit-down dinner or having a lunch or brunch instead of a dinner. You could have guests bring food for a potluck in lieu of presents as well. Also, you can avoid a meal altogether and just serve cake and other desserts.

The key to this process is to make sure you know what is important to you so you will have great memories despite a limited budget. Otherwise, if you can’t limit your budget, you may end up starting your new life with a payday loan.