Don't Let A Disney World Trip Force You To Seek Payday Loan Lenders

For most people on a tight budget, a trip to Disney World is only a dream. However, there are ways you can do it and still avoid payday loan lenders.

Planning ahead is always the most important factor. Start saving up your money right away and do your research to figure out the cheapest ways to still enjoy your vacation.

First of all, plan on taking the vacation during the offseason. This not only will allow you to pay less for pretty much everything, but it will have the added benefit of shorter lines and smaller crowds.

Going in the offseason can be tough if you have children in school unless they are in a year-round school. If not, you might luck out if they start school late so you can go between mid-August and September. You might also find time to go when they are on break between Thanksgiving and Christmas or in April or May. January and February also are slow times for Disney World.

If you need to fly to get to Orlando, you can save by taking a late-night flight or agreeing to stopping at an airport out of the way or taking a long layover. If you have a long flight, flying at night has the added benefit of allowing your kids to sleep through most of the flight.

Choose lodging carefully to avoid payday loan lenders

Choose where you stay carefully. The cost of lodging will be less if you stay off the resort, however, you will have to pay for transportation to and from the parks. Disney World offers free transportation to and from their hotels and theme parks as well as to and from the airport.

If you do decide to stay at Disney World, the Pop Century and All-Star hotels offer the best rates. If you get a room with a small kitchen, you can save on the cost of eating at restaurants all the time.

You can avoid having to return to your room all the time for meals by just eating breakfast and supper at home and having lunch while your out having fun at the theme parks. In fact, you usually can get basically the same food for lunch but at a lower price than supper at most restaurants.

Make sure to purchase your theme park tickets well in advance. The more days you go, the less you pay per day. In fact, if you are there for more than a week, you can add an extra day to your tickets for only a few dollars per ticket.

You also may be able to get package deals for tickets and lodging together with deep discounts if you look online. Some travel sites may be able to offer plane tickets, lodging and park tickets at large discounts.

Just don’t try to purchase used park tickets. These often turn out to be no good.

Use common sense and avoid frivolous purchases on your trip. Take your digital camera and take lots of pictures so you won’t feel the need to purchase mementos. Otherwise, you could still end up searching for payday loan lenders.