Use Yard Sale To Pay Off Payday Loan Lenders

A yard sale isn’t just a way to get rid of your old stuff. It also can be a great way to get some quick cash to pay off payday loan lenders.

A yard sale is not a simple or easy task. You need to plan ahead and expect to work hard. You don’t want to put on a yard sale that has few customers.

Choosing the day is a critical decision. First, research the local laws concerning yard sales. Some communities only allow yard sales on certain days of the week or on certain weekends. This could actually help sales, since people who are regular shoppers at yard sales will know to be out on those specific days to look for yard sales.

If there are laws restricting the day for your yard sale, then your options will be limited. However, try to choose the day based on when people have the most cash on hand, as in right after a common pay day. Many people get paid the 1st and 15th of each month, however most people have to pay rent or mortgage payments on the 1st, so a day or two after the 15th may be the best time, but it may be different in your community.

You also want to do plenty of advertising. It will be difficult to get people to buy stuff if they don’t know about the yard sale.

There are plenty of ways to advertise for little or no cost. There are numerous free websites, such as Craigslist, that you can advertise on. Also, make sure your friends and family know about it by posting on Facebook and Twitter.

You’ll also want to post signs in your neighborhood. Make sure you follow the local laws for signs, but your usually safe if you make a sign on the side of a cardboard box, weigh it down, and place it by the side of the road.

Make sure the sign is easily read from the road and has an arrow that points to your house or at least points to the sign that shows where to turn for your house.

Selling nice things will help pay off payday loan lenders

Since your yard sale is not just about getting rid of stuff you don’t want, you really need to look for things that will sell and bring in money. This may mean some sacrifices, but look for things that are nice but that you can do without.

Big items like furniture, appliances or electronics are really good at bringing people to the yard sale. In fact, these types of items can be mentioned in ads you place for the yard sale. Clothes aren’t the best sellers at yard sales, but you can help by displaying them on a rack with hangers, but use cheap wire hangers in case buyers want the hanger as well.

Make sure you price all the items beforehand so you don’t have to stop and think of what you want for an item while talking with a potential buyer. Make it easier by placing price tags on everything or at least placing signs next to group of items all priced the same.

Display the big-ticket items out in front to help bring in more people. Things that men like, such as tools or electronics, should also be in front so husbands will be more willing to go the yard sale with their wives.

Make sure to have plenty of small bills for change and keep your money protected at all times. You don’t want to have a successful sale only to have someone walk off with your cash you intended to pay the payday loan lenders with.