A Bar Mitzvah Doesn't Need To Send You To Payday Loans Lenders

A bar mitzvah ceremony is a rite of passage for young boys, but don’t let your desire to celebrate force you to seek out payday loans lenders. You can have a great time celebrating without spending a ton of money.

As with many big events in your life, you need to plan well in advance. Fortunately, you’ll know when your son will be ready for his Bar Mitzvah, so you can plan well in advance.

You will first want to set a budget. This will be based on your finances, not on what your friends or relatives spent on their sons. Make sure this is a realistic sum that you can save up for so that you don’t suddenly find yourself needing a payday loan to pay for the reception. Staying in the budget will keep you financially sound, and by looking for ways to save, you can stay in your budget, stay away from a payday loan, and still have an enjoyable celebration with family and friends.

Next, you want to plan where to hold the event. The actual ceremony is usually held in the synagogue, but the reception following can be held in many different places. The most affordable place is one that is free, which could include your own home, a relative’s home or even a local park.

When it comes to invitations, many people can very easily use email or e-vites instead of paying for expensive invitations from a printer. Many websites offer inexpensive or even free invitations that can be used for a bar mitzvah ceremony. It shouldn’t take a payday lender to cover those expenses.

The food for the reception following the ceremony is usually one of the biggest costs, especially if the venue is free. Don’t feel like you have to have a catered meal with traditional Jewish food. Instead, you can try and prepare the food yourself. You might even be able to have relatives help you out on this momentous occasion.

Keep food simple to stay away from payday loans lenders

The food doesn’t have to be anything fancy, even when you include traditional Jewish food. You could do something simple, such as bagels and lox, which is smoked salmon. To save even more, have the reception during the afternoon so you don’t have to prepare for a complete meal.

If you do want to provide a meal, make it a buffet so you don’t have to provide servers for the meal. Even better would be to have a potluck so that everyone can bring their favorite Jewish dishes.

The modern tradition for a bar mitzvah reception has gotten to the point that it is often treated like a wedding reception. This is not a requirement, but if you feel you need to provide entertainment, stay away from expensive live bands. Instead, hire a DJ to provide the music, or even see if a relative or friend is willing to do it. The nice thing is that it is pretty simple to make up a playlist and play music on an mp3 player on a nice stereo.

To record the event for posterity, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer or videographer. Look for students wanting to build up a portfolio or see if a relative or friend likes to do ceremonies like these as a hobbby.

The most important thing is to stick to your budget and always question if you really need to spend the money, or at least that much money, when you are making decisions. This will help you have a great time without borrowing from payday loan lenders.