Online Payday Loans: Exposing the Facts

Online payday loans (also payday advances) are small-dollar unsecured loans that are linked to the payday of the borrower. These loans are usually extended to consumers with steady jobs and a paycheck with direct deposit. They help people deal with emergency money needs which cannot wait until the borrowers next payday.

The Payday Loan Process: How it Works

Basically, the lender will provide a short-term loan without security to be paid off by the borrower on their next payday. The loan process includes verification of the borrower’s employment status and income through bank statements. Traditional banks do credit checks. However, most online lending companies have their specific underwriting criteria and for the most part don’t require a credit check.

It’s starts by a borrower’s visiting an online payday lending website or storefront. The consumer fills out the application online (and may fax any documentation that is required). The application will ask for personal information, social security numbers, bank account numbers and employer information. The borrower will be required to fax a current bank statement.

Money is deposited directly to the borrowers’ checking account. The lender will have access to the consumer’s checking account for purposes of loan repayment and extra charges, and will withdraw the money electronically from the borrowers’ checking accounts during the next payday. If the borrower’s account has insufficient funds to cover the repayment, both the bank and the lender may impose insufficient funds charges.

Choosing the best online payday loans lenders

Getting the best online payday lender requires some time to research. The best lender for an individual should be one offering fair terms, rollovers, interest rates, and financing charges. The easiest way to begin the search is to jump online and look through the thousands of lenders and lender listings. The keywords that you use in your search should be more specific to rule out unwanted sites. Instead of just looking for “payday Loans company” add more words such as your location and your expectations (affordable, cheap, reputable, and fast) to your keywords to make the search results more productive.

Finding a list of worthy lenders is usually good, but your inquiries about them should be even more thorough. Look at what they offer, comparing and contrasting offers from various lenders. Call each lender to find out more about unclear facts and the lender’s adherence to country/state regulations. Read and understand the fine print, asking the lender to clarify additional fees, unmentioned terms and anything else that may affect you. Make sure that you do not accept loan terms that are one-sided, including agreeing not to file bankruptcy declarations, mandatory arbitration clauses and agreeing to involve on class-action lawsuits.

What to Stat Away From When Looking At Payday Loans

Be prudent and take necessary precautions when choosing a lender. Never fall prey to people offering to be your middlemen or loan consultants. You may end up paying higher interest rates. Avoid lenders who renew loans automatically without the borrower’s consent.

The borrower should never select a lender who does not disclose financial charges and annual interest rates before the consumer completes the application. Never select a site without verifying authenticity. Read loan site reviews and join online payday loans community forums to learn more about companies. Avoid lenders that require you to keep your bank accounts open till loans are completely settled and never consent to wage garnishments.

Avoid sites that permit loan renewals without reduction in principal. Being extra cautious is the only guarantee to utilizing online payday loans without regrets.