Plumbing Financing With Zero Interest

Plumbing financing can get you back on track. Many of us live paycheck to paycheck. Now that doesn’t mean your poor for some of us it means your prudent. We may not make a lot of money, but a portion of our paycheck goes to our retirement possibly a 401K. Additionally, we pay our share of health insurance. Not to mention our mortgage. Think about this, you may not have money set aside for that financial setback, but you do have equity in your home and money set aside for retirement. That’s called “pay now play later.”

Plumbing Financing Available!

Picture this for a minute your sitting at home, and you see the drywall in your home bulging. That means you have a pipe leak you call your plumber and they tell you we need to cut the drywall and repair the leak, the cost $600. You say to yourself, I’ve made significant progress on paying down my credit cards and you don’t want to charge them anymore. Did you know that many plumbing companies now have plumbing financing for your plumbing issue with zero interest for one year? That’s 50 dollars a month on a 600 hundred dollar repair.

How Financing Works For Plumbing Problems

The way it works is like this. Plumbing companies want your business so they’ll pay the finance company a small portion of your interest for the year you’re not paying interest. If you don’t finish paying off your loan over one year, then the finance company will start collecting interest from you. It’s a win, win, win, the finance company gets a bit of interest from the plumbing company, and they get the job and their money upfront from them. You get your plumbing repaired with no interest for one year. It’s an ingenious idea.

No need to take out a cash advance online or installment loan for that plumbing repair. Your plumber can have you qualified right on the spot. There is a credit check for your financing. If you have average credit and are a homeowner your credit should be okay. Get the plumbing financing you need for that tempory setback.

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