California Cash Advance Online

Cash Advance Service OnlineWhen a cash crisis hits unexpectedly, a California cash advance online just might meet the need. California cash advance lenders have a long history of meeting the needs of those cash crunches. You’ll never have to leave the comfort of your home to get the needed cash for that cash emergency. Everything can be handled right from your laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet. Furthermore, the application takes 2-3 minutes to complete with a ninety-second approval process. Additionally, money is in your account the next business day.

California Cash Advance Loans Have Lower Interest Than Most States

Unlike other states, California has some of the lowest cash advance rates online. For example, Texas rate is $25 dollars per hundred dollars borrowed. Compared to California which is 15% of the face amount of the loan. Borrowers annual percentage rate (APR) is calculated based on the number of days you have your  loan outstanding but the fee stays the same. APR, along with your fees, are clearly stated in the borrower's agreement.

Only in a couple cases will your lenders exceed fourteen days for your loan becoming due. The first reason a lender may give you extra time is when your payday is less than eight days away. In that case, the lender will extend the borrower to the following pay date. Getting paid monthly is another reason your loan may extend for longer than 2 weeks, although the loan never will exceed 31 days. A California cash advance online maximum loan amount is $300 dollars which includes the fee of $45 dollars.

Here is a recap of some of the pros and cons of a California cash advance online:

  • Applying can be done from any of your devices online
  • 3-minute application process or less
  • Approval process takes less than 90 seconds
  • Cash is in your account the next business day
  • APR can exceed 300%
  • Average cash advance is 17 days
  • Maximum California cash advance online is $300 including the fee
  • Never a traditional credit check

Cash Advance Lenders Never Make Traditional Credit Checks

California cash advance online lenders NEVER make traditional credit checks to the big three: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Borrowers will never see an inquiry on their credit report from a payday lender. Lenders do perform what they would call a soft credit check which includes:Can a payday loan improve your credit

  • Identification verification
  • Payday loan or cash advance history
  • Default history
  • Military status
  • Employment
  • Your ability to pay back the loan
  • Some banking history
  • Direct deposit verification
  • Authenticity of social security number...and more

Because of current technology, all these checks are completed in seconds, with not as much as a phone call. Cash advances are not just for the credit-challenged but for anyone without disposable income regardless of your credit history. This might surprise you, according to the California Department of Business Oversight, 33% of all payday loans reported had an income of $40,000 to over $90,000. What's even more astonishing is that 11% of the 33% had income above $90,000. Whether your credit-challenged or have perfect credit, a California cash advance online can solve your cash emergency.

Borrow wisely

A California cash advance online can be an excellent financial tool if you borrow wisely. Use your cash advance for emergencies only, and never borrow for pleasure. Never borrow when you're panicked or desperate. Take the time to evaluate all your options such as family, friends or even your employers may loan you the cash you need. Make sure you only borrow what you’re in need of and never more than you can pay back. Online cash advances can cause more harm than good by putting borrowers in a vicious cycle.

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