Cash Advance Installment Loans

Thinking about a cash advance installment loansCash advance installment loans may be just what you need to tackle that financial setback. Unlike normal cash advances that require payback on your next payday, an installment loan allows you more time to pay back your loan without a major sacrifice to your budget. Conventional cash advances require a loan to be paid back in one payment on your next payday. Oftentimes leaving the borrower in the same financially-strapped position as when he started. Furthermore, it caused him to keep returning to the lender, and never really getting out of his cash crunch.

Installment Loans Are Fast, Easy, and Secure

While cash advance installment loans have met the need for a longer term for repayment of the loan, they still have a high-interest rate attached to them. Keep in mind -  lenders make no credit checks, take no collateral and can have your loan approved in 90 seconds or less, so the risk of default is high. These types of loans fill a great need for when your car breaks down, an unexpected trip to the veterinary or a medical expense that requires immediate attention. These can all require the need for fast cash in your account without any red tape attached, unlike conventional bank loans. Cash advance installment loans are fast, secure and easy but still count the cost before borrowing.

Lending Leaves Always Advises Responsible Borrowing.

Lending Leaves has a large network of lenders ready to serve you. If you're a borrower that gets the cash you need and gets out of your cash setback, then we’ve done our job. We always advise responsible borrowing.

Tips On Responsible Borrowing:Can a payday loan improve your credit

  • Only borrow what you need
  • Never borrow more than you're capable of paying back
  • Check with family or friends to borrow from first
  • Try getting a cash advance from an employer
  • Never borrow for pleasure such as vacations or to purchase gifts
  • Even though your loan is paid back over time, try and pay it back ASAP. This will save you big in interest.

Now, these are just some tips from your friends at Lending Leaves. The bottom line is you are the one in charge of your finances. Cash advance installment loans can be a great tool when used properly and wisely and for the right reasons.

Does Cash Advance Installment Loans Require Good Credit

What if my credit is bad, will it stop me from getting an installment loan? The answer is a resounding NO! Each lender has their own equation for approving customers and a credit report is not one of them. Because these types of loans are fast and convenient, people with good or average credit get cash advance installment loans. Cash emergencies come at the most inopportune times and unless you have something saved for that rainy day, you're stuck in a cash crunch. Whether you have good average or bad credit, an installment loan may be a good option because so many of us don’t have savings to turn to.

Keeping With Best Practices

In keeping with best practices, all military personnel and dependents cannot receive a cash advance installment loan. The Military Lending Act does not allow lenders to charge more than 36% annually. Moreover, if you're a borrower with a desire to build your credit and want to do it yourself here is a great government resource.

How The Process Works

The process is simple; start by filling out our short application form. The form will take 2 to 3 minutes to complete with the basic information required. Once the form is submitted, lenders will view the application. Once an application is approved, the lender will provide a loan document for your e-signature. Your document will disclose everything: fees, interest rate, terms, and conditions. Once you’ve read the loan documents carefully and e-signed, your money is directly deposited in your account the following business day. The whole process is seamless, completed online and you're approved in less than a minute and a half. Lending Leaves services are absolutely free!

Let's Review

  • Good credit, average credit, and challenged credit are welcomed because cash advance lenders do not make conventional credit checks.
  • Lenders have their own equations for checking on the borrower's ability to pay.
  • You will never see an inquiry from a cash advance lender on a credit report.
  • Lenders can approve an application in 90 seconds or less, all completed online.
  • The application process takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete.
  • Once your e-signature is provided, cash is in your account next business day.
  • Lending Leaves charges NOTHING to the borrower.

Cash advance installment loans can provide you the flexibility you need for that financial emergency. Don’t spend hours filling out one application after another. Lending Leaves provides you with one application that reaches hundreds of lenders. If we can’t get you funded, no one can.

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