Payday Cash Advance Loan

Payday Cash Advance LoanCan a payday cash advance loan help with my cash crisis? The first thing to remember is that a payday cash advance is a microloan ranging from $200 to $1000 dollars. If your cash need doesn’t exceed $1000 dollars this type of loan may be what you're looking for. Additionally, payday cash advance loans are fast overnight cash with approval in 90 seconds or less.

Fast, Safe, Secure and All Completed Online

Filling out a Lending Leaves application takes 3 to 5-minutes to complete,  furthermore, it reaches hundreds of lenders with one application. No more endless searching for a lender filling out countless applications. Equally as important getting a payday cash advance loan doesn’t require a credit check. Payday advance lenders have their own equation for approving a customer without inquiring with the big three, Equifax, Experian and Transunion.

Interest Rates Are High Count The Cost Before Borrowing

With all the convenience of a payday advance loan, it needs to be remembered that they have high interest for example; on a $300 loan you could pay $60 in fees or more. The borrower is required to pay the loan back on his or her next payday, rarely to exceed 14 days with few exceptions. One exception is a payday cash advance installment loan that will allow the borrower terms to pay back their loan over time with the ability to pay it off at any time during the loan duration. Lending Leaves will first try and place you with an installment lender before it a payday cash advance lender.

A Payday Cash Advance Loan Can Be A Good Tool When Used Responsibly

What makes a payday cash advance loan so enticing is that they are quick,  secure without ever a credit check. With that said always borrow responsibly, never borrow more than you can pay back and only what you need to meet your cash crisis. Work diligently to find the cash you need before borrowing. On a practical side, a payday cash advance loan can be a great tool but only if the borrower needs cash fast overnight. Make absolutely sure that the money borrowed will work to your benefit and not put you in a financial rut.

When evaluating:Can a payday loan improve your credit

  • Loans range from $200 to $1000
  • Never a credit check
  • Application takes 3 to 5-minutes to complete
  • They have high-interest rates $15 to $25 per hundred borrowed
  • They rarely exceed 14 days unless you get an installment loan
  • Cash is in your account the next business day when approved

Why Are Payday Cash Advance Loans So Expensive

These types of loans are expensive because of the risk lenders take.  A lender will validate the information you provide such as bank account, social security, age, military status, how many loans you have out and much more. They achieve this without ever doing a credit inquiry. In simple terms payday advance lenders are looking for customers with the ability to pay back their loan. These types of loans are not isolated to people with bad credit equally borrowers with good or average credit also use our service because of the convenience. They're meant for a quick fix for a short-term cash emergency not to mention there’s no red tape attached. No standing in bank lines, no questions to answer, and no waiting to get the cash you need.

Improve Your Credit

For those that do have challenged credit and want to improve your credit, we provide some resource links. Building your credit will give you a huge advantage especially when you need long-term cash at a lower interest rate. Unfortunately, military personnel and dependents cannot apply for a payday cash advance loan this according to the Military Lending Act. Our military servicemen cannot be charged more than 36% APR ( annual percentage rate).

Lending Leaves services are free to those who apply. None of the information provided on the Lending Leaves application is kept in our possession. We are one of the very few payday cash advance loan services that have a phone number posted on our website. We do everything possible to find you the lender you’re looking for. If lending Leaves can’t find you a lender no one can.

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