Texas Payday Loan Online

Texas Payday Loan OnlineEveryone has their fair of financial setbacks, that's when a Texas payday loan online can come in handy. No one ever wants to borrow money especially when it’s a financial emergency. Once all efforts have been exhausted to find the fast cash you need Lending Leaves is standing by. You can rest assured that our network of qualified lenders can get you the results you’re looking for. The first thing to remember is that Texas borrowers don’t have to spend their precious time filling out endless applications. One Lending Leaves application can get seen by up to 200 premier lenders. If Lending Leaves can't find you the cash you need no one can. Once you’ve completed our fast and easy five-minute application expect a decision in 90 seconds or less.

A Texas Payday Loan Online Ranges From $200 to $700 dollars

Our first objective is to find the borrower a Texas Installment loan unlike a Texas payday loan and installment loan will allow you to make payments. There's never an early payoff penalty. Furthermore, your Texas installment loan lender will present you with the terms, conditions and required payments right in your agreement, giving you the flexibility you desire. If an Installment loan lender cannot be found, then we search for one of our stellar payday lenders that's sure to give you the desired service you're searching for. All installment and payday loans are all considered small microloans that range from $200 to $700 dollars.

Time To Get Back On Track

When you take out a Texas payday loan online use caution. The sole purpose of a payday loan is to help people get back on financial track, but in some cases, it can derail you. Borrowers should count the cost before borrowing by evaluating their situation. Often times employers are willing to help with an advance on your paycheck. Friends and family may also be a choice for help, whatever the case may be, always try and get the cash you need before borrowing.

Payday Loans Online Need To Help Not Hurt

As much as Lending Leaves and our network of borrowers want your business, we would rather turn it down if it doesn't help a customer. Rates are close to $25Can a payday loan improve your credit per $100 borrowed in the state of Texas and interest is based on the number of days your loan is outstanding. For example, a borrowers annual percentage rate (APR) for a 14-day payday loan is 609.64%. Here is another example, on a $300 loan for 14 days you would pay $1.15 interest plus $69 dollars in fees the total loan would be $370.15. This is the real question is $70.15 worth it? The borrower is the only person that can answer that question.

What About A Credit Check?

Texas payday Lenders don’t make credit checks with the big three Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion although they do have ways of verifying information. Everyone is welcome to apply because it’s not just for the credit challenged. One of the benefits of a Texas payday loan online is that there's no red tape attached and that includes credit checks. Payday lenders never make a decision based on your credit score but rather on your integrity and your ability to pay. So how do they know who will be good or bad? They run what lenders call a soft credit check. Here’ an example;

  • They will verify your Identity
  • Check Your payday loan history
  • They run an employment check
  • They will check military status
  • Banking history for fraud etc. and More

What’s even more amazing is that this information is verified in less than 90 seconds without even a phone call. Never will you ever see a payday lender show up on your credit report. The only time your loan would be reported to the credit bureaus is if you defaulted on your loan and never paid it back. Even so, it wouldn’t be your reported by your lender but by a third party collection agency.

Texas Payday Loans Online Are Governed By The OCCC

Texas has strict laws governing payday loans for the sole protection of the consumers. The Texas office of consumer credit commissioner (OCCC) holds Texas payday lenders to a high standard with regulations in place. Military personnel and dependents in Texas and all other parts of the country cannot apply for a Texas payday loan online. This act was implemented in 2006 by the department of defense. Lenders cannot charge military personnel more than 36% APR.
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